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Our Vendor Check-In Center is located
in the Purchasing Office.

Vendor Information

Welcome Sales and Service Vendors!
Our policy for conducting business with Oneida Healthcare is shown below. Copies of OHC policies related to vendor conduct are available for review, in the Purchasing Office upon visitation and through our vendor credentialing service, VCS. 

Vendor Credentialing Services Website: http://www.symplr.com

Contacting & Business with Vendors: The Purchasing Office shall act as a liaison between employees and Vendors and shall contact particular Vendors as needed.  All Vendors business dealings shall be processed through the Purchasing Office with the exception of selected professional confidential administrative business. 

Pricing: Oneida Healthcare is eligible for Premier and Greater New York Hospital Association (“GNYHA”) purchasing group contracts and New York State contracts.  Oneida Healthcare may also negotiate pricing as warranted.

Operating Room and Physician Visits: Vendors planning to discuss O.R. related surgical or patient care items must also meet with, or speak to, the C.S./M.M./O.R. Materials Manager prior to visiting any other employee or physician. Representatives must provide contract, discounted, negotiated pricing or items at no-charge or they will not be used in surgical cases. Vendors providing products/equipment associated with surgical or other procedures are required to pre-assess needs with OHC staff, provide adequate types and quantities of appropriate items and provide backups that may be utilized in the event that the primary product/equipment cannot be used for any reason.

Visitation Hours & Appointments for Oneida Healthcare Campus: Vendors are highly encouraged to conduct business by appointment, during the routine hours of operations of the Purchasing department, Monday through Friday, 0730 to 1600, except on Oneida Healthcare official holidays and other pre-approved closed days.  Vendors without appointments cannot be guaranteed admittance.  All Vendors are required to report to the Purchasing Office upon entering the facility. The Purchasing Staff shall contact the employee(s) that the Vendor would like to visit.  If the employee grants permission for the visitation, a dated pass, limited to the department(s) will be given to the Vendor.  Vendors must wear the pass at all times along with a Vendor Credentialing Service (“VCS”) pass while on the premises and adhere to all current Oneida Healthcare Policies and Procedures. Vendors shall restrict visitation to the department(s) and employee(s) listed on the pass and are required to sign out prior to leaving the premises. Business outside of these hours is highly discouraged, but when necessary, shall be with the cognizance and approval of an Oneida Healthcare employee. A visitor's pass will not be available outside of the routine hours of the Purchasing Department.  Written material intended for the Purchasing Department may be left in the care of the visiting Department.

Visitation Hours & Appointments for Oneida Healthcare owned Clinics/Practices: Vendors are highly encouraged to conduct business by appointment, during the routine hours of operations of the clinic/practice with the prior cognizance and approval from an Oneida Healthcare employee in a position of authority in that location. Do not contact physicians directly by email, office phone or personal phone, unless specifically directed to do so. Vendors are subject to the same vendor credentialing requirements as is required for hospital and nursing home visitation and must wear their VCS badge in plain sight during the visitation. Vendors without appointments cannot be guaranteed admittance.

Vendor Accreditation & Policy Compliance: Vendors are required to be accredited and in good standing with VCS, prior to visiting any Oneida Healthcare department, where they may come in contact with patients/residents, or protected health information. VCS requires that Vendors acknowledge that they will comply with all Oneida Healthcare Policies and Procedures as a condition of accreditation. Vendors who are not accredited, or are not in good standing with VCS, may be denied visitation privileges upon arrival, and/or or may be denied visitation privileges permanently if circumstances warrant such action.

Notice of Policies and Procedures: Notice of Oneida Healthcare Policies and Procedures, shall be deemed to have been officially and sufficiently communicated to Vendors through the VCS accreditation program, when made available in writing upon request, in the Purchasing Office, or otherwise communicated verbally, by personal handout, public notice, signage, distribution of hardcopy through the mail, or other distribution carrier, or electronic media to include but not limited to; inclusion on the official World Wide Web site of Oneida Healthcare, e-mail, facsimile or any other, then current, generally accepted method of communication or distribution. Notice shall not require any form of verbal or written acknowledgement from Vendors. Lack of a Vendor's awareness of, or adherence to any, or all, applicable Oneida Healthcare Policies, Procedures, shall not be deemed a failure of Oneida Healthcare to provide sufficient notice and does not relieve the Vendor from adhering to them, or any or all applicable laws and regulations as a condition to visitation privileges.

Adherence to Policies & Procedures: Vendors visitation privileges are contingent upon compliance with all current Oneida Healthcare Policies and Policies as they are amended, including those related to the prohibited use of Tobacco and all related Tobacco products, on the grounds of buildings owned and operated by Oneida Healthcare. Also, individuals will not be allowed to use Tobacco in their vehicles while on Oneida Healthcare premises.

Non-VCS Accredited Vendors: Employees may have valid reasons for allowing a Vendor who is not accredited with VCS to visit their department.  In those instances the visited department shall take all reasonable precautions to limit the visitation area to areas that avoid contact with patients/residents and protected health information to the extent possible and continually monitor their activity. Upon the conclusion of the visit, the department employee must direct the non-accredited Vendor back to the Purchasing office where the Vendor will be required to sign-out and immediately exit the building and campus.  These actions are necessary to protect the health, safety, welfare and privacy of patients/residents.

Exemptions from VCS Accreditation: The Director of Materials Management, or Purchasing staff may temporarily or permanently exempt selected Vendors from the requirement to be accredited by VCS, with reasonable discretion, when there is no clear and/or present indication of danger to patients/residents or protected health information, without further investigation, however, visitation privileges are still contingent upon adherence to all Oneida Healthcare Policies and procedures regardless of the Vendor’s level of knowledge of those policies and procedures. Latitude for exception judgment is necessary to assure business continuity and service to patients/residents.

Suspicious Vendor Activity: Oneida Healthcare employees shall monitor Vendors at all times in areas where Protected Healthcare Information is available and shall immediately report any suspicious activities according to policies related to confidentiality and privacy and take actions needed to mitigate the inappropriate activity immediately.

Purchase & Contractual Commitments: Purchase or contractual commitments to a Vendor shall be honored only if the Purchasing Department has issued a valid purchase order number. The only exceptions are the Pharmaceutical, Dietary Departments, who operate separately from the Purchasing department under their own policies and procedures, or excluded confidential administrative professional commitments.

Equipment & Samples: Equipment and Samples shall not be brought in to the facility, demonstrated or distributed on the premises without the direct permission of the Director of Materials Management or designee.

Pharmaceutical Samples: Pharmaceutical samples shall not be distributed on the premises without the direct permission of the Director of Pharmacy or designee.

Vendor Parking: Vendors shall park in west lot #1 only. Vendors shall not park in the handicapped zone nor the area designated as parking for the three-to-eleven shift.  Parking in any other restricted area may result in fines or removal of the vehicle in violation.

Please refer to our Contacts tab on the website for the Purchasing Office and employee contact information.

Thank you and we look forward to your assistance in providing Exceptional care to our customers!