Exceptional Careā€¦ Always

Howard and Bess Chapman Main Entrance

Our Commitments To You

The mission of Oneida Healthcare is to plan, promote, provide and coordinate the highest quality progressive and comprehensive health care services for the greater Oneida area and surrounding communities.

A community of caring professionals with up to date skills, working together to deliver personalized, coordinated care, while employing advanced technology, resulting in a positive experience for patients, residents and their families.

Excellence        Respect        Integrity        Compassion        Teamwork        Safety        Stewardship

At Oneida Healthcare, we take our motto of "Exceptional Care...Always!" very seriously.  Consequently, we have high expectations of everyone in our organization and are selective of the people we invite to join our team.  Upon being hired and each year thereafter, every employee is asked to sign two documents: "My Commitment to My Patients & Residents" and "My Commitment to My Co-Workers".  This helps assure that we are providing a culture that promotes and celebrates consistently exceptional care and customer service at all times.            

                        Commitment to My                                                    Commitment to
                      Patients & Residents                                                  My Co-Workers

We trust that you will observe this commitment to patient/resident-centered care and safety whenever and wherever you have the need for any of our services.  Of course, if this is not your experience, we encourage you to share your concerns with us so we can address them in a timely manner and take the necessary steps to prevent similar service issues in the future.

Thank you for choosing Oneida Healthcare and for allowing us the opportunity to provide you and your loved ones with Exceptional Care...Always!