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Corporate Compliance Director
Renee Olmsted, RHIA

Corporate Compliance and HIPAA Privacy

At Oneida Healthcare, doing the right thing and respecting our patients' privacy is important to us. Oneida Healthcare is committed to an effective Compliance program.  The purpose of our Corporate Compliance Program is to provide guidelines designed to reflect Oneida Healthcare’s (OHC) commitment to promoting prevention, detection of health care fraud and resolution of instances of potential misconduct within day-to-day operations.

The goals of the Corporate Compliance Program initiative are to:

  • Build upon our mission and our values
  • Provide a common understanding of OHC’s expectations for proper conduct through the organization’s policies and the code of conduct
  • Provide an effective process for employees to ask about compliance related concerns and management to address those concerns
  • Provide a framework for dealing with difficult, complex or confusing issues such as interpretation of regulations or ethical concerns
  • To ensure that Federal and State regulations are enforced and third party guidelines are followed including those from health insurance companies.

Our Corporate Compliance program is a system-wide effort and every employee, physician and board member plays a vital role.

Contact the Corporate Compliance Department
If you have questions or concerns related to the compliance program, or would like to file a privacy grievance, please contact us at:

Corporate Compliance Director: Renee Olmsted, RHIA
E-Mail: rolmsted@oneidahealthcare.org
Compliance Office:
321 Genesee St. Oneida, NY 13421
Phone: 315-361-2117
Fax: 315-361-2317

Corporate Compliance Hotline:
315-361-2116 or Ext. 2116 (internally)

Click Here to access our corporate compliance forms

To help facilitate the ability for PPS/DSRIP compliance concerns to be communicated to CNYCC by any person, including beneficiaries, we are posting the following CNYCC compliance reporting contact information: