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Corporate Compliance Hotline

(315) 361-2116

Do you have a compliance concern? The Compliance Hotline allows you to voice your concern confidentiality and anonymously, if you prefer.


The purpose of the Hotline is to provide an alternative method of reporting suspected Oneida Healthcare compliance violations of any federal or state laws or Oneida Healthcare policies and procedures. The hotline is a dedicated line and the Compliance Office will not attempt to trace the call or figure out who the caller was.


24 hours a day. The phone number, 315-361-2116, automatically patches you into a voice mailbox where you can leave a message about your concern. Oneida Healthcare employees do not answer the calls. When you call the Hotline, you should leave a message, describing the suspected compliance problem in as much detail as possible. You do not need to leave your name or any information that may identify you. The Compliance Office will pick up the messages regularly.

Tell Us About:

Any concerns regarding improper or unethical activity such as violations of professional standards of practice or business ethics, breach of patient privacy or confidentiality, information system security breach, inaccurate billing, or conflicts of interest. This list does not include all of the possible violations that should be reported to the Compliance Office but provides examples of the different type of things that the Compliance Office would like to hear about.

Contact CNY Corporate Compliance:

To help facilitate the ability for PPS/DSRIP compliance concerns to be communicated to CNYCC by any person, including beneficiaries, we are posting the following CNYCC compliance reporting contact information: